Our first step is to confirm which examining board and specification your child is working with. Once we know that, we can tailor the lessons to the precise requirements of that specification.

We can help pupils prepare for examinations with all of the common examining boards – AQA, OCR and WJEC for Computing; AQA, OCR and Edexcel for A level ICT.

All the specifications assess pupils through a combination of theory papers and coursework.

In our experience, there are three things which are key to achieving top marks in these exams – practical ability, theoretical knowledge, and a really good grasp of precisely what the examiners are looking for. Our tuition is therefore structured around these key issues:-

  1. Through practical exercises, we help students acquire the general skills* they will need to use in their coursework. In the case of ICT, this usually involves learning to use Microsoft Excel and Access. For Computing, most students learn to program in Visual Basic using VB.Net, although we can also provide lessons in the Pascal programming language if your child’s school uses that instead.
  2. We explain the theoretical material in detail to give pupils an understanding of the type and style of questions that they will encounter on written exam papers. We also look at exam technique, and how their answers should be structured.
  3. We explain how coursework is marked, thus enabling students to work in the way which is most likely to help them obtain high marks.

Throughout all of this work, both in practical exercises and in theory work, the emphasis is on working through past papers and making pupils familiar with how those papers are marked.

* We must emphasise that the examining boards do not permit us to provide advice on the specific content of coursework – this would be regarded as cheating. However, in our experience, the more general topics we cover to make a huge difference to how well students fare in their exams.




I did functional skills level 2 English& Maths and I had good experience discussing the details of the examination with staff in Excel Tutors. They were very helpful, fast, and professional. It’s great as I took a long time to find a qualified centre and I was happy with my choice.

Magna Eyre

Came for exam retakes and the staff were of great help in terms of advice given & creating a relaxing environment for which to do them in. The price of the retakes were also a lot cheaper than anywhere else thereby saving me a lot of money. Owner & staff are all very friendly and easy to get on with.

Emmanuel Kuforiji

I did my IGCSE exams on last november 2016 and found the staffs are really helpful to accommodate my exams. They sent my result into my email address. The price was very reasonable for me. I took some lessons just before the exams the tutor was excellent for teaching.

Brian Bustul