Numeracy Tuition

EBC Training Academy’s numeracy tutors provide tutoring to children and adults who would like help with numeracy, whether for success at school or simply for using numbers confidently in everyday life.

Numeracy problems in the UK

A recent Skills for Life survey found that almost 17 million people in the UK have numeracy skills below those needed for the lowest grade at GCSE.

In 2011, around 20% of 11-year-olds in England left primary school without achieving the level of mathematics expected of them.  At GCSE level, a massive 42% of pupils failed to pass GCSE mathematics at grade C or above.

How EBC Training Academy tutoring can help

EBC Training Academy believes that all of these children and adults could develop their numeracy skills significantly with one-to-one tuition from a private tutor.

Our numeracy tutors have helped many primary school children to get to grips with times tables, mental arithmetic, fractions and all the elements addressed in key stages 1 & 2.

Our tutors have also helped many secondary school children to understand the mathematical processes, concepts and skills required at key stages 3 & 4 and to prepare for their GCSE Mathematics exam.

Our numeracy tutors have also helped many adults to improve their numeracy skills so that they can use numbers more confidently on a daily basis, enabling them to take better control of their finances, understand statistics reported in the media, calculate journey times more accurately and feel more confident when out shopping.

One-to-one assistance

Our maths and numeracy tutors understand that many people struggle with numeracy and find maths challenging but believe that, with one-to-one support and an individualised approach, the challenges that make mastering numeracy and learning maths difficult can be overcome.

With a private tutor, the pupil is in control of the pace so can avoid feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, as can happen in the classroom. Our tutors always aim to create a non-stressful, supportive working environment that encourages confidence building and steady progress.

EBC Training Academy tutors can help children and adults with any numeracy difficulties and are available to provide numeracy tuition for:

  • Early years
  • Key stage 1 & 2 (primary level)
  • Mathematics SATs
  • Key stage 3 & 4 mathematics (secondary level)
  • homework help
  • Special educational needs
  • Dyscalculia assistance
  • GCSE Mathematics
  • further education (sixth form or college)
  • adult education

EBC Training Academy is also able to provide numeracy tuition for:

  • home finances
  • work and business
  • leisure activities




I did functional skills level 2 English& Maths and I had good experience discussing the details of the examination with staff in Excel Tutors. They were very helpful, fast, and professional. It’s great as I took a long time to find a qualified centre and I was happy with my choice.

Magna Eyre

Came for exam retakes and the staff were of great help in terms of advice given & creating a relaxing environment for which to do them in. The price of the retakes were also a lot cheaper than anywhere else thereby saving me a lot of money. Owner & staff are all very friendly and easy to get on with.

Emmanuel Kuforiji

I did my IGCSE exams on last november 2016 and found the staffs are really helpful to accommodate my exams. They sent my result into my email address. The price was very reasonable for me. I took some lessons just before the exams the tutor was excellent for teaching.

Brian Bustul