Consumer expectations today are highly sophisticated. Apart from quality, and affordability, two other key ingredients in sales strategy are convenience and the level of use of modern technology. A business that fails to innovate in terms of getting its operations in rhythm with trends in modern technology stands to lose out competitively and in the worst case scenario, be marginalised in the market.

Our strategy is to assess the key triggers of competition in our clients’ markets and help design mechanisms that are founded upon innovative ideas, to offer novelty in product and service with a view to enhancing competitive position and increasing market share.

We will carry out such innovative driven services through seminars and workshops and a subsequent bespoke client service and packages designed to turn things around for our clients. This should help our clients to do the same things differently; or to offer new services and products designed to entice and trigger customer desires.

The key aim is to support our clients to embed modern technology in sales service with a view to making better use of their physical retail space.

We take the time to understand your needs carefully
We help you identify improvements that can be made 100
We take the time to understand your needs carefully
We help you identify improvements that can be made 100

EBC Training Academy know and will be focused and work hard to create promote acceptance of the firm by clients and our services within the marketplace.

The keys to our success depend on our quality services which will make sure people get better support in their specific areas of need:

  1. Make sure that service is centred on people’s needs and protects their rights.
  2. Promoting high quality service, equality, diversity and human rights.
  3. Development of a strong business relationship with customers to gain an understanding of their business and business needs.
  4. Publish information to help people make decision on the areas of need.
  5. We will involve people who use our services, to focus our assessments on what is important to them.
  6. We will work independently


We will take care of your accounting and administrative services and take the load off you.


Glad to give you free advice and send you an offer.

EBC Training Academy puts forward the strong case that relates to the establishment and operation as a private business consultancy service provider with a motivation to create a difference in the finance and marketing objectives of small and medium sized organizations.